Here’s another autobiography coming your way! Legendary Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian, has revealed that he will be releasing “I’m The Man” on October 14th via Da Capo Press! What can we expect? Scott previously told Lithium Magazine, “What makes mine different is that it doesn’t take the usual story arc that most of these rock/metal biographies and autobiographies do. That arc is usually the rise to fame, the fame, the crash and burn and then some sort of redemption. I don’t have that story arc. I don’t know what you would call my story genre, but it’s more about coming from nothing and being able to do all that I have done. I think it’s about being able to show anybody that no matter where you come from, whether you’re a scrawny kid from Queens [New York], you do have the opportunity to make something of yourself. I am the living proof of that. And you don’t have to take the normal road that’s portrayed in these books. You don’t have to take the MÖTLEY CRÜE road.

Scott Ian has, not only been one of the most influential guitarists in our scene for manys years now, but also a great representative of the heavy metal universe. From his commentary on television shows to his hilarious “Open Mic” tour, we know that he’s truly lived the dream the right way, and now we’ll get to hear about it in his own words! Mark your calendars, because October 14th is coming sooner than you think! Pre-order your copy now!


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