Scars: “Predatory” Album Review


Scars: “Predatory” Album Review

The Brazillian Thrash metal band Scars shoot for the heavier side of thrash with Predatory. Formed in 1991, these guys have been on a lot of breaks from their start until now, Predatory being only their second full-length album. Despite this, they give their all in trying to make some heavy thrash metal.

Predatory starts out with an ominous intro into a drum and bass build up into the intro riff of the title track. Some stand out tracks on the album to me were “These Bloody Days,” one of the shorter tracks on the album with speed and aggression exudes that is really well done, and “Violent Show,” which has a lot more rhythmic riffs and has a really impressive guitar part.

One thing I don’t like about Predatory is the run time. I feel like the album overstays its welcome and the shorter tracks are just as good, if not better, than the six-minute tracks that just end up dragging a bit by the end. I also feel like a lot of songs on this album sound too similar to one another; it’s kind of hard to find things that stand out on here.

Much of the guitar work on this album is really interesting to listen to, and the vocals are very Kreator-esque which I enjoy, but there is too much reputation for Scars on this release. And by the way, one of my favorites is one of the bonus tracks “Armageddon.”

Predatory is out August 7 on Brutal Records. Buy it here!

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