Scale The Summit’s Mark Michell Bass Cover Of “White Christmas”

It’s Christmas day and here in Finland that means nursing the hangover from the celebration the night before.  As I throw back some “coffee” this morning and surf the interwebs, I came across this video of Scale The Summit‘s bass player Mark Michell playing “White Christmas.”  It’s a quick thing but I thought it was nicely done and worth of being shared.  As many of you know, Scale The Summit‘s, “V” was my 2015 album of the year, and even in this quick video you can see why I find these musicians so alluring.

Merry Christmas to all you celebrating.  Enjoy:

Scale The Summit – Bass Solo, “White Christmas”

Solo Bass • “White Christmas” ArrangementMerry Christmas to all! I arranged a little “White Christmas” on bass for fun. Enjoy! -Mark Framus & Warwick | EMG Pickups | Jim Dunlop Guitar Products

Posted by Scale the Summit on Thursday, December 24, 2015


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