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As a die hard metal head, I’ve heard it all from close minded people in my life. I must praise Satan and hate God, I’m ignorant to other types of music, I like to hurt other fans in the mosh pits, and so on. It’s all completely false and irrelevant to why I love this music, and why it drives me each and every day. I recently came across this article, titled “Say No to Death Metal, Say Yes to Therapy” by Nathanael Rubin, and it ‘s so absurd that I had to share some of it with you. I’ve included some excerpts below with my response, and you can read Nathan’s full piece here. Prepare to get pissed.

Nathanael Rubin: “I think we can all agree that a person’s taste in music plays a major role in who they are. People tend to emulate the things they are influenced by and consequently come to admire. Having said that, take a look at the music that your children, cousins, nephews, etc, are listening to on a regular basis. If any of them have song titles like those listed above( “Bible Basher,” “Doomsday Celebration” and “Chopped In Half”), I have two words of advice: seek therapy.

My response: I have two words for advice for Nathan. Read this. Yes, a person’s taste in music plays a major role in who they are. How does death metal influence who I am? It pushes me to strive to be the best at my abilities. It teaches me to go away from the mainstream and come up with something unique and unlike anything else. Are the titles blasphemous and appalling? Yes, some are. Deal with it. They are just words. I can guarantee that the members of Dying Fetus haven’t raped anyone on the altar, just like I can guarantee no members of Cannibal Corpse have smashed someone’s face in with a hammer. If they don’t mesh with your beliefs, don’t listen to the lyrics, because the music is what it’s all about. Lyrics are just one part to death metal that makes it’s unique, but there’s a whole lot more to it that Nathanael is missing. So here are two more words…FUCKING LISTEN.

Nathanael Rubin: “The message being sent to the audience of these bands is, “Violence is good. Murder, rape, torture and mutilation are good things. Worship Satan. God is dead.

My response: You’re exactly right Nathanael, because metal heads are the cause of all of the violence in the world. Let’s forget religious beliefs, greed, and the overwhelming notion of power that fuels our wars. Anyone who thinks murder, rape and torture is good deserves to be behind bars, and are either there or on their way soon. Are bands telling each other to kill and rape each other in the metal scene? NO. That’s just absolutely ridiculous. Again, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Worship Satan. God is Dead? Is that any different from a Christian band telling fans to worship their God? No. People have different beliefs. Not everyone believes in God. That may seem like a weird idea, but it’s true. These bands are promoting their beliefs, and whether you believe them or not, they have a right to do it. Whether the fans follow it or not is up to them. I’ve never left a Watain show falling on my knees and begging for Lucifer to enter my soul so I can murder the next innocent person I see. I left grateful and honored that a band had the guts to preach their message to a society that doesn’t understand it, and do it in such an honest way that it becomes an experience more than a show. Again, lyrics are only one part of death metal, and this guy can’t help but keep focusing on that.

Nathanael Rubin: “Do not allow your children to listen to this hateful, satanic music if you care about their mental health and self-development. Nothing positive can come from listening to grown men scream about blood and death. If your child or someone you care about is already the victim of death metal’s extremely negative influence, I highly recommend bringing him or her to see a therapist regularly.

My response: I highly recommend bringing Nathanael to a death metal show as soon as possible. I wish he could see fans in amazement at the talent level of each band. How they’ve never seen someone play the drums that fast, or played a solo that flawlessly, or how it’s encourages them to go home and practice more on their instrument. I wonder if he realizes that these bands write their own music, barely make any money, but have the passion to bring it each and every night, whether it’s ten fans or ten thousand. Death metal musicians are a rare breed, because they are not in it for the money or fame. They are in to create the most extreme and mind blowing music for the listener. They push the limits of musicianship with each new record, and show no sign of slowing down.

If you want to be like Nathanael, that’s your choice. It’s his opinion, but he’s way off. I know the readers of this site agree with me, but his statement bothered me so much that I had to respond. To focus only on lyrics in death metal is like focusing on one color of a Claude Monet painting. Once you step back and take a look at the whole piece, it’s becomes a thing of beauty. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

In honor of Nathanael, enjoy a full set from Dying Fetus below!