Satyricon: “Live at the Opera” Album Review by Jamie Lee!


Satyricon: “Live at the Opera” Album Review by Jamie Lee!


Metallica turned heads in 1999 with the release of S&M, their live recording backed by an orchestra, and black metal took a turn in 2010 with Dimmu Borgir’s handful of shows with a chorus and orchestra supporting Abrahadabra. And these are just two of the many who have sought to bring their songs to life with the support of more classical accompaniment. But Satyricon?

Satyr and Frost have made a habit of unapologetically manipulating the black metal genre, so it is no surprise that were willing to engage an undertaking like a live performance backed by the Norwegian National Opera Chorus. But after listening to Live at the Opera there’s one question that comes to mind: Why?

Sure, the voices that augment selections from Satyricon’s legendary repertoire on this night in September 2013 add ornamental touches to the compositions, but this effort undermines their groundbreaking nature. The truth is that songs like “Now Diabolical,” “Our World It Rumbles Tonight” and “Tro Og Kraft” don’t need any embellishments in the live setting. They stand just fine on their own.

There isn’t anything wrong with the CD/DVD set Live at the Opera. If there is any fault, it is only that a live performance backed by a chorus doesn’t reach the bar for creativity that Satyricon continue to move higher and higher with each release.

Live at the Opera is out now on Napalm Records. Buy it now!

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Satyricon - Night at the Opera