Satori Junk - The Golden Dwarf

From just the album cover, I knew this Satori Junk’s The Golden Dwarf was going to be a unique piece of work.

Formed in Milan, Italy, in 2012, this marks their second release, and it’s an eccentric work that is memorable and difficult to classify. Like a rolling black mist, the music flows around your senses and is a mutant hybrid of doom, blues, ’70s, and psychedelia.

“All Gods Die” instantly reminded me of Me and That Man. Heavily infused with blues, it is an ass-kicking composition. “Cosmic Prison” strives to be different, embodying haunting beauty and a decidedly unique voice in the dark. “Blood Red Shrine” sounds like the backdrop of an underground ’80s gore movie; disturbing and dark with use of distortion to add twists in the road. A cover of The Doors “Light My Fire” with heavy, doom-style elements was reminiscent of early Hawkwind … nicely done.

I will always applaud a band that fuses different elements to create their own little microcosm. Satori Junk brave new territory.

The Golden Dwarf is out now on Endless Winter. Buy it here!


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