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Sanity Control: “Demo 2019” EP Review


Sanity Control: “Demo 2019” EP Review

Not much is known through the promotional material or social media about Sanity Control, other than that they are a crossover thrash band from Warsaw, Poland. But after a listen to their two-song Demo 2019, they could easily fit into the Boston or New York hardcore scene.

The first song, “Hunt,” is grimy punk attitude blended seamlessly with thrash. With second song “Swarm,” the sound is raw and bloody visceral. True to the nature of punk/hardcore and now modern thrash, Sanity Control rails against the ills of society.

From the ultra fast riffs to a stomp worthy rhythm and a heavy dosage of punk/hardcore flavor, Sanity Control‘s Demo 2019 leaves listeners yearning for more than two songs.

Demo 2019 is out now on Seeing Red Records. Buy it here!

Sanity Control - Demo 2019 - Promo

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