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Sabaton Live Photos from The Worcester Palladium 2019


Sabaton Live Photos from The Worcester Palladium 2019

I caught up with Sabaton on their latest North American tour in support of their new album “The Great War” which released on July 19, 2019. While Sabaton has always put on an amazing show, this tour was something VERY special, and the crowd turnout was incredible, selling out almost every single date on the tour. This also marked the first time that they brought the tank drum platform to North America, thus enhancing their already awesome performance. It’s common to see bands having a good time on stage, but the way these guys bring their presence to the stage, it’s more like a party with a bunch of your best friends. With historically accurate lyrics, mostly revolving around war, historical battles, and heroic people, their live show is not only entertaining, but arguably the best history class you could ever take!

Setlist from 11/1/19:

Ghost Division
Great War
Resist and Bite
Fields of Verdun
The Attack of the Dead Men
The Red Baron
The Price of a Mile
The Lion From the North
Carolus Rex
Night Witches
The Lost Battalion
The Last Stand
82nd All the Way
Primo Victoria
Swedish Pagans
To Hell and Back