Sabaton Now Has A Two Ton Tank Drum Kit Riser!


Sabaton Now Has A Two Ton Tank Drum Kit Riser!

Sabaton is well known for their high energy shows, and now they’ve taken things to another level! They’ve recently unveiled their new drum kit riser, and it’s a freaking tank! Yes, Hannes Van Dahl now sits behind a massive tank with two turrets pointed out at the audience at each gig! INSANE! Why did they do this? What does it take to put together? Hannes recently spoke with about all of that, and excerpts are below:

Why a tank? “I think in general Sabaton always has done things in an unorthodox way compared to many other bands. We of course wanted a drum riser that goes with the theme of the band, and something that hasn’t been done before. Of course Kiss had their cannon/tank sorry excuse of a drum riser in the Eric Carr era [I love Kiss], but I think ours tops it off… But no other drum riser specifically inspired us, it came from an original joke about having a tank on stage that we made into reality. The challenge was also in the consideration of building something that can tour 150+ shows a year and take a good ol’ beating and something that doesn’t take too long to assemble. Audie the tank takes 30 minutes for two people to build from cases to finished riser.

On the design, “Audie needed to be very safe and stable to walk on and drum on, show after show, so it´s a mix of different materials. The frame is an aluminium frame with sides built of glass fibre and other metals. The walking area is mainly built from heavy wooden planks with a layer of grip tape on it, for the stability and non slippery floor. Building time took a year from first initial idea to finished product. If you want to buy the tank, I’ll send you an invoice and deliver it to your door, but remember it’s two tons heavy and loud as a motherfucker!

See more photos and read more at, and check out the tank in action below!