Rumors Album Cover

The scrappy punk duo Rumors of Free Lunch don’t mess around. They are brief in their bio, deliberate in their goals, and unforgiving in their pissed-off attitude.

Consisting of guitarist and bassist Greg Kennelty and Caricature’s multi-instrumentalist frontman Joseph Spiller, the band have unleashed a sonic thrashing on the world with their Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back EP. Kennelty penned the four songs in November of last year, then put them away when the punk band they were written for called it quits. But good songs never die, and the two breathed life into the EP in April and May of this year.

We are proud to stream the album EP in its entirety today. Click below to give it a spi, and purchase Rumors of Free Lunch‘s Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back at Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

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