Cool band name? Check! Cool album title? Check! Badass cover art? Check! Breakneck guitar playing and drums like the hooves of a thousand rabid buffaloes? Check! Vocals that can strip paint from 500 yards? Check! Well, then, Ruinous has covered all the bases with their latest effort, Graves of Ceaseless Death.

American death metal at some of it’s finest, Ruinous deliver an album of not only ceaseless death, but ceaseless brain-grinding songs that will literally crack the foundation of any building it’s played in. Kudos to drummer Shawn Eldridge who can hammer the skins of a drum set like the thunder of the gods. The guitar playing is whip smart and lightning fast, and Matt Medeiros has the vocal chords of Swamp Thing.

There’s no need to point out any individual tracks. The entire Graves of Ceaseless Death record is a warp-drive ride through heavy metal at its most, well, heavy metal-est!

Graves of Ceaseless Death  is out now on Dark Descent Records. Buy it here!

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