Royal Thunder: “Wick” Album Review


Royal Thunder: “Wick” Album Review

It’s been seven years since Mlny Parsonz‘s haunting vocals emerged above the pitter patter of rain and introduced the world to Royal Thunder on the opening track of their eponymous EP. It’s been seven years that have seen a thunderous full-length debut, CVI:A, and a more introspective, subtler sophomore release, Crooked Doors. It’s been seven years, and now, with the release of WickRoyal Thunder continue to rise.

Wick’s strengths abound from the opening, doom-laden thrums of “Burning Tree.” Parsonz’s smoky timbre remains, but it is licked by a fire that hasn’t been heard on previous releases. “April Showers” further spotlights the strength, range and versatility that she has harnesses, and both here and throughout Wick, Royal Thunder delivers some of most adept and textured compositions the quartet has constructed. And while the album’s early songs are punchy and rocking, this is no party album, and whether channeling angst on the driving “The Sinking Chair” or bleeding loss and heartache on “The Well,” Parsonz, guitarists Josh Weaver and Will Fiore, and drummer Evan DiPrima, have truly amplified their sound, performance, and overall production on this third long-player. There are plenty of traps here, too. The ones that bring listeners back again and again to the uncompromising hooks that abound, making this some of the smartest and most intense rock and roll to be released this year.

Royal Thunder’s ascent began with their self-titled EP seven years ago, and it continues album to album, with no foreseeable end. Wick is the band’s call to arms, and while it is difficult to think that they can get any better, time will surely tell.

Wick is out now on Spinefarm Records. Buy it here!

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