Rodent Epoch: “Rodentlord” Album Review

The majority of metalheads are well-versed in certain sounds stemming from certain locales (Swedish death metal, Norwegian black metal, Gothenburg melo-death), but Finland has its own unique black metal subculture. I won’t go into details, since it is covered beautifully in the book The Devil’s Cradle: The Story of Finnish Black Metal.

Having formed in 2009 in Oulu, Finland, Rodent Epoch blend their own black metal with elements of thrash, death, doom and punk to create a darkened maelstrom of sound and thus continue the Finnish metal journey.

Rodent Epoch – Caine Corax on vocals, Warmonger and Wuopala Scumfuck on guitars, Raato Bastardo on bass and Rattus on drums – have created Rodentlord, a very raw album and it hearkens back to the great tape trading era. That’s not to say the production on Rodentlord is bad – far from it. There are no frills, no filler and no noodling. It evokes a feeling of being part of a ritual.

I will quote a forum on Finnish black metal that sums up quite well (www.

These groups have various means to approach the other world, to reach a religious ecstasy: disguises, masks; noise (bells, drums, etc.); intoxicating drinks (especially beer and liquor); movement (such as dance) and music (singing, but also invocatory formulas, similar to magical chants, spoken in a falsetto voice), etc. … With their disguises as well as their behavior the masked ones want to demonstrate they represent supernatural entities and not human beings. They dress as ghostly as possible, speaking with a falsetto voice, reaching ecstasy by dancing, music and noise. …Their clothes should be nightmarish as possible. They attempted to dress as ugly as they were able. They had terrible eyes, with big white rings or painted up with coal. – Johannessen, 13, 95

Rodentlord is theater brought to life. It is darkness, illness, war and death embedded in vicious vocals, calamitous drumming and ear-slicing fretwork. With a bold nod to punk influences (’70s style), Rodent Epoch release a whirlwind of demons set upon the world like they just opened Pandora’s box.

Rodentlord is out October 12 on Saturnal Records. Buy it here!

Rodent Epoch - Rodentlord - Promo

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