Rod1313: “Gravity” EP Review


Rod1313: “Gravity” EP Review

It’s rare that I get a chance to review an instrumental album, and I know of many people who cannot get into it. My best “office” to assess album of the instrumental kind is driving in my car down Route 146. If the album passes my “does it give me chills when driving” test, it is indeed worth your time. So I chanced upon the heavy metal instrumental album Gravity by Rod1313 from Sweden. There is barely any information on the promotional email nor is there on the site. Sometimes that is the best way to review an album, so you do not have a predetermined notion.

The album starts with “Scars,” which has a very traditional metal melody and the guitar riffs are phenomenal and demonstrate absolute sorcery. If you close your eyes (although not while driving), it feels like you are ascending something, a coaster, a mysterious stairway. The title track starts off as a respite, but it slowly builds in layers and complex, textured soundscapes throughout. “Hollow” is a ponderous number that features crushing riffs and is perhaps the more gritty and muscular of the album.

“Back From Ashes,” for whatever reason, reminds of Dokken or WASP, who I saw with great honor as both Lynch and Holmes were phenomenal shredders. I love how this one – it twists around you like a tornado. And finally we are escorted gracefully off with “Silence Speaks,” a slightly meatier and chunkier track with excellent drumming I may add.

The production is excellent and everything feels like it’s in the right place without being overproduced. The guitars ebb and flow melodic and insistent by turns, with the bass and drumming driving the record along. Rod1313 have definitely created  a sweet album to drive a long road with.

Gravity is out now. Buy it here!

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