Robert Trujillo: The New Material Is “Sounding Like Metallica!”


Robert Trujillo: The New Material Is “Sounding Like Metallica!”

Robert Trujillo recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the upcoming documentary, “Jaco: A Documentary Film,” which you can still help out, and gave a quick update on the status of the new Metallica material as well. Lars recently said they were “almost done” writing the new material, and Rob briefly described to Rolling Stone what we can expect. Here’s what he said, “We’re working on these songs and we’re having a blast. We are being productive and having fun. It’s sounding like Metallica. What we’re doing is special and unique in its own way, but still keeping it heavy. For me as a listener, part of the journey I’m on with Metallica, there’s just a certain edge that needs to be there. Before I even joined Metallica, I used to train for tours, when I was in Suicidal Tendencies, to Ride the Lightning. There’s nothing like jogging the trails to, like, “Fight Fire With Fire.” I can tell you that what we’re doing sounds heavy, but again each album is its own little experience. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

What we’re doing sounds heavy” makes me very fucking heavy. Trujillo has no reason to lie, and knows what the fans are expecting, so without saying a lot, he’s saying some exciting stuff in that statement. Other than the “Lords Of Summer” single they released in 2014(listen below), we haven’t heard anything new since “Death Magnetic,” so it’s about time for “heavy” new Metallica music in our ears! I’m beyond ready!

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