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Ringworm: "Snake Church" Album Review By Jason Z

Worship with the worm!

Ringworm: "Snake Church" Album Review By Jason Z

Very few bands out there rival the pure fury of Ringworm. James “Human Furnace” Bulloch is an absolute monster on vocals, and they are legendary in their influence to not only the hardcore genre, but metal in general. Every one of their albums is a lesson in violence and make an uncompromising contribution to their legacy. Snake Church is no different.

The title track opens to a preacher talking, then launches immediately into an assault only Ringworm is capable of delivering. Goddamn, this is killer! “Brotherhood Of The Midnight Sun” has an old school hardcore feel to it, and it’s fast and furious. I love the guitar solo breaks! “Fear The Silence” keeps the pace frantic at the start, then has a cool break at the end that harnesses a pummeling riff amid a storm of drums. “The Black Light Of A Living Ghost” has a fury all it’s own with punishing bass breaks and a slower, riff-heavy break in the middle. “Destroy or Create” has a Hatebreed feel to it. It’s fast and furious, and the gang vocals are so fucking awesome! “Shades of Blue” slows things down, and has more of a doomy, sludgy type feel to it. Mr. Furnace’s vocals sound even more brutal at this pace. “Innocent Blood” is a feast for any headbanger, and the riff is a chugging monster!

Ringworm certainly have one of their best releases with Snake Church. It’s a bit more diverse than any of their previous releases, but it shows how the band has matured and grown in their musicianship and songwriting abilities.

Snake Church is out July 29 on Relapse Records. Pre-order it here!

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