Rifftera: “Across The Acheron” Album Review


Rifftera: “Across The Acheron” Album Review

Rifftera live up to their name.

The Finns have been a band since 2010, albeit with lineup shift over the years, but with Across the Acheron, they deliver death metal riffs with sharp, melodic hooks that marry guttural and clean singing with a rhythmic gallop that is impossible to ignore. “Burning Paradise”demonstrates their craft with a menacing guitar stomp and a chorus that soars with harmony. “Eye of the Storm” is devious in its intent, but interestingly recalls Baroness in its catchy chorus, not to mention the punch that it packs over eight-plus minutes. The album-closing title track is an opus that fortifies Rifftera as a band to watch. It is a dramatic composition that is brought to life with elements of funeral doom, spoken word, and symphonic metal, all underscored by the band’s natural death components.

Rifftera know the power of the riff, and they ply their craft without apologies on Across the Acheron. This is an album that is more captivating with each listen.

Across the Acheron is out now. Buy it here!

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