Richie Faulkner Is “Pretty Certain” There Will Be Another Judas Priest Album!

YES!!! Rob Halford has previously said that he was “ready to make another Judas Priest album,” and it seems like the band still wants to make it happen! In a new interview with KaaosTV, that you can watch below, Richie Faulkner said this, “With the Redeemer Of Souls sessions we were coming up with song after song after song. I think there’s 18 tracks on the deluxe version, and I think we had 20 tracks, we didn’t finish two, we had to cut off the writing process. It was really creative. So based on that, I think we’re pretty certain there will be another record. We throw a few ideas around in terms of sounds, or what direction we could go in, and we consider all possibilities. But nothing really locked in at the moment.

Redeemer Of Souls” was, without a doubt, one of my favorite records of 2014. With the addition of Richie to the band, they are definitely re-energized, and the new album delivered on every level! If what Richie is saying is true, and we are getting another Judas Priest album, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say HELL YES!


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