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Rhine: "An Outsider" Album Review By Megan!

Rhine: "An Outsider" Album Review By Megan!

Rhine: "An Outsider" Album Review By Megan!

An Outsider is plain weird. No, perhaps it’s not the weirdest metal album I’ve listened to, but it just seems a little bit confused as to where it belongs. Or maybe that’s just us as listeners, where we have this subconscious desire to pigeon-hole absolutely anything and everything that we listen to. To get down to the nitty-gritty, this is Seattle-based Rhine‘s sophomore release, and it’s pretty obvious that they had an absolute ball writing this, as it sounds like an interesting blend of Opeth, Between The Buried And Me, a touch of doom and more than a taste of symphonic metal.

As much as I hate to use this descriptor, opener “Dreaming Of Death” is pretty “epic.” The intro is on the harrowing side with eerie atmospherics and clean guitars before Gabriel Tachell‘s come in and take the whole thing up a level. His clean vocals are smooth and carry a classic rock sound while his screams verge on black metal. He alternates between both in the opener and complements the instrumentation perfectly. It’s pretty obvious from the off that Rhine don’t care much for song structure with tracks that vary in length from three to 12 minutes, so if you’re after an easy-listening album, An Outsider probably isn’t for you.

The highlight of the album comes pretty early on in the form of “The Spell Of Dark Water.” It has an unshakably dark quality about it and is slower paced, luring the listener in with beautiful guitar solos from Tachell. The title track takes the same approach, and it dances between heavy and clean, acoustic passages. While most tracks generally have a strong black metal feel, songs like “Somewhere” and “Dissolved In Fire” head down the progressive metal path and into Opeth territory.

The instrumentation on this record is unquestionable, but there are a few elements on some of the tracks that are totally nonsensical, and the most stand-out of those is found in the vocals during “P.R.E.Y” which are simply bizarre. Nevertheless, the beauty of an album closer, “Fragments,” makes up for any unnecessary weirdness and brings to light the fact that this album wasn’t created with conformity in mind.

An Outsider is self-released and out now. Buy it here!

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Rhine - An Outsider