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Rex Brown: “Smoke On This” Album Review


Rex Brown: “Smoke On This” Album Review

This is not a Pantera record! We repeat, this is not a Pantera record!

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s discuss what we do have in Rex Brown‘s first solo album, Smoke On This. What we have is a record that’s been a lifetime in the making for this man. His place in musical history is firmly cemented by the work he did with Pantera, one of the seminal metal/hard rock bands. They are the definition of “legendary status.” So, when you finally step away from a past like that and present your first piece of solo art, the anticipation has got to be totally sphincter-clenching when considering how it will be accepted by the public.

Well, Brown can relax. Smoke On This is simply spectacular. The time, dedication, and love that he spent producing this album shows from beginning to end. If you have to describe, it is closest to Pantera meets Lynyrd Skynyrd with a touch of ’70s Alice Cooper. Who knew Brown had a voice on him like this? He’s like the musical equivalent of Sam Elliott!

Smoke On This boasts the perfect music for a local bar on a Saturday night while doing shots of Cuervo and looking for hotties in short shorts to grind up against on the dance floor. It’s an album I’ve been highly anticipating, and it is worth the wait. God, I want to see these songs performed live!

Smoke On This is out July 28 on eOne Music. Pre-order it here!

Rex Brown - Smoke On This - Promo

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