Revocation: "Great Is Our Sin" Album Review

Like a machine with asoul!

Revocation: "Great Is Our Sin" Album Review

If high-performance machinery had a soul and some groove, it would sound a lot like Revocation. The Boston-based death thrashers re-emerge every couple of years with a new album that exhibits precision beyond that which sounds human, and challenges listeners to follow the fleet-fingered guitar runs, seismic chugs, steam-engine blast beasts, and the overall combustible cohesion of these players.

Those listeners whose first encounter with Revocation is Great is Our Sin will surely expound upon the ground-breaking nature of David Davidson (guitar/vocals), Dan Gargiulo (guitar/vocals), Brett Bamberger (bass/vocals) and Ash Pearson (drums), and it is true that at first listen, they produce a grand shock to the system. Given their discography, though, the album’s 10 tacks are more evidence of an evolution that began with 2008’s Empire of the Obscene. The surprises found here aren’t groundbreaking for the band, and in fact, they are subtler. In short, the players have gotten even better at their craft, their brazen aggression is brighter given the hooks that pierce their songwriting, and ultimately, this release is even better than anything they have delivered in the past. Doubters will surely be convinced on the pummeling “Theatre of Horror,” the prog-tinged “Crumbling Imperium,” and the pressurized “Cleaving Giants of Ice.”

Great is Our Sin is yet another milestone in Revocation’s career, one that has seen the band raise the bar – and reach it – with each and every release.

Great is Our Sin is out July 22 on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!

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Revocation - Great Is Our Sin