Revocation is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting metal bands on the entire planet. Ever since they hit the scene back in 2006, they’ve continued to progress their sound, intensify their live show, and are now giants of the scene. They recently announced the news that they have signed with Metal Blade Records, and that we should be expecting their highly anticipated fifth studio release later this year. For a die hard fan of this band like myself, I can’t think of any better news!

Revocation was recently in New York City in support of DevilDriver and Whitechapel, and although their set was short, there was plenty of incredible musicianship and pit insanity to blow your mind. Before their blistering set, I got to speak with David Davidson about the upcoming record, signing with Metal Blade, strip clubs and more! Plus, we were kindly interrupted by their drummer, Phil Dubois-Coyne, with the Metal Injection crew, which ended up making it even more fun! Check out the hilarity below!


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