Red Fang Releases Their Fraggle Rock And Elvis Covers!

How can you not like Red Fang? Over the years they’ve written some of the best riffs for our ears, put on some of the most fun live shows around, and continue to stay humble as their popularity grows and grows. Well today they just became even more awesome! On their upcoming tour with Whores and Wild Throne, Red Fang will selling a 7″ put out by Volcom, which will feature two special tracks from the band that you wouldn’t expect! Now that the tour dates are right around the corner, they’ve released them both, and they both rule! Enjoy their ‘Fraggle Rock‘ tribute track, “Why”, and their cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis below!

Red Fang said this on the Elvis cover below: “We were asked to cover an Elvis song a while back and none of us are really Elvis fans so we were kind of at a loss. We had this dark and doomy jam we’d been kickin’ around for a while and we thought ‘what if we just record our own song and see if we can make the lyrics fit somehow?’ And to our surprise it turned out pretty rad! Maybe Elvis is spinning in his grave, but we dig it.



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