God damn, I freakin’ love this album! If I had known there was music like this being played in Portland, Oregon, I would have stuck with my initial plan to move there before I ended up here in NOLa. Red Fang‘s Only Ghosts is a phenomenal follow-up to their last release, 2013’s Whales and Leeches.

The listener is immediately struck by some definite influences from some great other bands on the record. The songwriting and hooks worthy enough of Foo Fighters, the vocals would make Lemmy proud, And, that great desert/stoner/sludge vibe of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. One of the best facets of this band is the advantage of two great vocalists in Bryan Giles and Aaron Beam. Both can carry a song alone or up the ante when they share vocals. David Sullivan on lead guitars gets my MVP vote on this record. His riffs are quick, to the point and razor sharp.

“No Air,” “Flies” and “Shadows” are probably my three favorite tracks on No Ghosts, although, to be honest, there really isn’t a clunker on it. This record is meant to be played in the car late at night with your windows down as loud  as you possibly can while driving through the suburbs at 3 a.m. You know you’re going to eventually get pulled over, but you’ll have a great time up until then.

Only Ghosts is out today on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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