Randy Blythe Gives You A Brief Tour Of His Photography Exhibit!


Randy Blythe Gives You A Brief Tour Of His Photography Exhibit!


As we mentioned earlier this week, Randy Blythe opened his “Show Me What You’re Made Of” photography exhibit at Sacred Gallery last weekend here in New York City, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I was privileged enough to attend this event, and see his work up close and personal, and I was beyond impressed. It’s one thing to see his photos on his Instagram account, but to see them blown up and beautifully framed, it really shows the detail of each photograph, and showcases his talent in the perfect way. The “Show Me What You’re Made Of” exhibit will be up until June 30th, and if you’re in the NYC area, I highly suggest that you go check it out at Sacred Gallery. Whether you are a fan of Randy, or just photography in general, it’s a must see!

Just in case you won’t be able to see it, Randy has shared a brief tour of the exhibit with Artisan News! He describes three photographs in detail, and you get a cool glimpse into the exhibit that I got to see last weekend! Click on the clip below for the YouTube link! Well done Randy!

Here’s what Randy had to say on the event after it was all said and done: “Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came to opening night of my first photography exhibit at Sacred Gallery in NYC! It went so amazingly well, I couldn’t even believe it! The totally awesome gallery owner, @kevinwilsonnyc, said it was a super well-behaved crowd for an opening (sometimes there are a bunch of assholes who show up just for free booze & make a ruckus, but not my crowd- who says that metal heads are ill-behaved savages? Ok, ok- only when it’s appropriate to be, hahaha, but apparently we know how to act in public too!) Everyone was really mellow, I took about a million pictures with folks, and I even sold several pieces! It’s a hell of a thing to see your name & art work on a banner on Broadway, & then have a line stretch around the block to get in- I am humbled! The show will be up until June 30th, so if your in NYC pop by & check out the photos- it’s free! The online show catalog should be up soon for those who couldn’t make it out & wish to purchase something- shoot an email to: info@sacredgallerynyc.com for a price list. Yes, the gallery will ship framed prints. Also there are just 12 of the small framed photos left- Greta put them up on her Etsy shop (look up: FRAMESBYGRETA on Etsy)- if those go, we might do some more for those that want an affordable piece- I gotta get some prints to her & she’ll ship ’em out if there is a demand. I’ll put up her business card w/next post! Thanks again to everyone who came out- I was super-nervous (my first show) but all of you made me so happy by just showing up & looking at my photos! Cheers, NYC!

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