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Rammstein: “Rammstein: Paris” DVD Review


Rammstein: “Rammstein: Paris” DVD Review

OK, I have to be totally honest upfront. King Rhino is a huge Rammstein fan. I mean ridiculously huge. I have seen them numerous times, own every album and DVD, and they’ve been on my iPod in constant rotation for years. So, was I excited when the news and teaser trailers for their new concert DVD/Blu-Ray, Rammstein: Paris, was announced?

Fuck, yeah.

Directed by the incredibly talented Jonas Ackerlund and utilizing 35 cameras, Rammstein: Paris captures the boys performing in (obviously) Paris, France, in 2012 at the Palais Omnisports in front of 17,000 rabid, leather-clad, heavy metal headbanging Frenchies. The sound and camera work are out of this world.

You pretty much get every Rammstein song you would want to hear. Plus, simulated sodomy, sweat, blood, giant ejaculating penises, cannibalism, and more pyrotechnics than on the fourth of July in Philadelphia. This concert film is a sensory overload experience to the Nth degree.

A great number of reviews have issues with the fast edits and rapid visual cuts in the film, but for me, I see it as something positive. When you realize the scope of what the fuck is happening onstage during a Rammstein show, your puny little metal monkey brain can’t possibly  assimilate all this data just on your own. With Ackerlund’s approach and vision, you get everything all at once at a constant stream of sound and visuals. And, it’s glorious!

Rammstein: Paris DVD/Blu-Ray … just fucking buy it now and thank me later.

Rammstein: Paris is out now on Spinefarm Records. Buy it here!