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Ramming Speed: “Anthems of Despair (Summer Jam)” Video Released!


Ramming Speed: “Anthems of Despair (Summer Jam)” Video Released!

Ramming Speed quickly became one of my favorite bands when they unleashed “Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die” to the world last year! This record is just a non-stop attack of true metal! Every riff, every scream, every note, every fucking thing about this record is just AWESOME! The guys recently announced that they are going to record their new album in the next few months, so it’s safe to say that we will have new Ramming Speed music in 2015 too! That absolutely RULES!

Do you know what else rules? Their new “Anthems of Despair (Summer Jam)” video! The guys decided to throw an insane house party, play a show, and film the whole thing for an official video! Watch the insanity here, and if you forgot how awesome their latest album was, you can stream it below as well! Lose your ever thrashing minds NOW!

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