Lyric Video: Pyrexia, “Angels of Gomorrah”


Lyric Video: Pyrexia, “Angels of Gomorrah”

We have been digging the new album from Pyrexia, and the band have now released a lyric video for “Angels of Gommorrah” from Unholy Requiem. The album drops today on Unique Leader Records.

Founding guitarist Chris Basile comments:

The second single off of Unholy Requiem, “Angels of Gomorrah,” really encompasses the theme of the album portraying the violent side of biblical writings. The story follows the Angels that attempt to save Lot and his family in Sodom and Gomorrah. And their subsequent destruction of the city and its people by Gods command. Musically This song is completely different from the last single we released as is the entire album. But it cuts into some deep riffs off this record and fits perfectly with the artwork.

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Pyrexia - Unholy Requiem - Album Cover