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Pulverized originate from Chile and their upcoming album Monuments of Misanthropy roars with fiendish, classic death metal. With a combination of Spanish and English themes of life, death, Christianity and its moral decadence, we have an album of diabolical delight. Demonic vocals, extreme riffing and frenetic drumming are delivered on songs like “Devocion” and “Consumed by Ignorance.“

The production on Pulverized‘s Monuments of Misanthropy is excellent, and even though there are literally thousands of death metal bands out there, some just have a very unique joie de vivre about them when you hear their instrumentation. Pulverized has just that.

Pulverized‘s Monuments of Misanthropy is out October 13 on Krucyator Productions. Buy it here!


Pulverized - Monuments of Misanthropy - Promo

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