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Pulver: “Kings Under The Sand” Album Review


Pulver: “Kings Under The Sand” Album Review

Another new band to add to the roster of damn good shit. Pulver hail from Germany, and after their debut, self- titled EP in 2017, they garnered the attention of Gates of Hell Records. The musicians are Dave Fröhlich (vocals), Lukas Kunkel (guitar), Alex Oster (guitar), Gabor Eichstätter (bass) and Danny Oster (drums). The quintet embrace the NWOBHM sound that is still beloved by any metalhead worth his or her salt, as well as a ’70s hard rock melody that I liken to Motörhead. Kings Under the Sand captures the story of their mascot, the phantom hawk, an alien warrior tribe that enslaves ancient Egypt.

I absolutely love “Blacksmith’s Lament” which has an Iron Maiden feel with some groove and grit to spice it up a notch. The title track has a dark sound, if you will, and some sinister riffing. It’s very different and very instrumental, and it just ascends into this incredulous climax. Being a drummer, I thoroughly dig the primal beat at the start of “Warrior Caste” that leads into a rhythmic, tribal style that meshes so well with the picking rhythm of the guitars. The finality of “Curse of the Pharaoh” seems to continue the primitive rhythm of “Warrior Caste.”

Pulver‘s Kings Under the Sand is definitely an enjoyable album to crank up.

Kings Under the Sand is out May 10 on Gates of Hell Records. Pre-order it here!


Pulver - Kings Under the Sand - Promo

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