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Psycroptic: “Psycroptic” Album Review By Jamie Lee!


Psycroptic: “Psycroptic” Album Review By Jamie Lee!

There are two paths tech-death ensembles typically take. The first is one of innovators whose talents move the genre forward, and the second is one of recyclers who regurgitate what they have heard from their influences with far less success. Those who take the former approach share in the spoils of legends, and those who embrace the latter are destined for the virtual garbage can. Australia’s Psycroptic are one of the few who traipse the tightrope between the two with grace and style, and they do it extremely well on their self-titled sixth release.

The album boasts Opeth-infused, tightly-strung melodic passages (“Echoes to Come”), Carcass-imbued guitar interplay (“Ending”), and straight-up Gojira worship (“Sentence of Immortality”), but Psycroptic righteously step beyond simply emulating the genre’s heroes. Ultra-complex rhythmic workouts are where they stand out (the examples are apparent across this release), and the nimble-fingered acrobatics found here are both impressive and dangerous.

Pyscroptic succeed where many of their peers have failed. They combine the best aspects of tech-death’s torchbearers with their own secret sauce for an intensely impressive album.

Psycroptic is out March 10th on Prosthetic Records. Stream it now, and order your copy here!

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