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Psycroptic: “As The Kingdom Drowns” Album Review


Psycroptic: “As The Kingdom Drowns” Album Review

Psycroptic will melt your face off with their seventh release, As the Kingdom Drowns.

Australia is known for kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee (if you’re old enough to remember), so technical musicianship is not something you expect. Be glad for what Psycroptic have to offer. Fast-paced fretwork, punishing drums, low and precise bass lines, and hoarse-throat inducing vocals are presented to my ears, and I love it, even with the punishment received while listening. These gents have had years to hone their craft and nothing has driven them off their tracks. They mean business.

Starting with their most recent single/video release, “Upon These Stones,” the slow intro is very deceitful compared to what comes next. Taking a slower melodic pace similar to the previous single, “Directive,” Psycroptic spread their leathery wings and show they can rip harder than most. D. Haley adds, “It’s always a challenge to continue to evolve as a band, while staying true to the path you’ve chosen to walk on. With As The Kingdom Drowns we all pushed each other outside of our usual comfort zones, and didn’t settle for the easy way out. I’m super proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication to the project; it turned out to be one hell of a catchy riff filled album.”

The song “Deadlands” is a shredder. Reminiscent of old school thrash with the brutality of modern technical fare, I am truly impressed just how good this band is. They ply their expertise and deliver an album that has been on constant replay for me. Lyrically, they deliver cryptic imagery allowing for a variatiety of interpretations and making it accessible to many. If you don’t pick up As the Kingdom Drowns, you are doing your cold dark heart a disservice.

As the Kingdom Drowns is out November 9 on Prosthetic Records. Buy it here!

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