Album Review: Psychostick, “Do”


Album Review: Psychostick, “Do”

Listening to the surprise new album DO from the hysterically talented Psychostick, it’s clear that metal needs more of … a sense of humor. Sweet Jeebus, we all know metal needs a laugh now and then!

Clocking in at 22 tracks, DO is an exercise in witty lyrics and banter, lean crisp production, and actual talent in the performances. This is a ride through the wackiness that fuels and drives the funny car that is Psychostick. Imagine if Monty Python and Kids In The Hall formed a metal band. Yeah … it’s that good. There are laugh out loud moments, and I’ve been a professional fucking comedian for 35 years. I know funny!

Where to start? “Thinking With Your Dick”? Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is: a hilarious two-minute argument about how boats stop without brakes that will put tears in your eyes.

There’s a fine line in comedy between stupid and brilliant, and Psychostick‘s DO lands pretty far on the brilliant side of the line.

DO is out now. Buy it here!

Psychostick - Do - Promo

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