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News: Prophecy Productions Announces Inaugural U.S. Festival


News: Prophecy Productions Announces Inaugural U.S. Festival

Prophecy Productions is poised to make its mark on the United States, and it is showing off its power with the inaugural Prophecy Fest. The two-day event will take place November 2 and 3 at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York.

Formed in 1996, the German-based label aims to “continually surprise and excite listeners with captivating concepts, thought-provoking lyrics and stunning imagery.” It plans to do so with a lineup during the celebration that includes blackgaze legends Alcest. To celebrate, Prophecy Productions has also created a sampler, Dusk In America 2018, that you can stream for free or purchase at your own price here.

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Friday, November 2nd
7-7:30 || Völur
8-8:30 || Xasthur
9-9:30 || Kayo Dot
10-10:45 || So Hideous
11:15-End || Novembers Doom

Saturday, November 3rd
7-7:30 || 1476
8-8:30 || Year Of The Cobra
9-9:30 || Crowhurst
10-10:45 || Eye Of Nix
11:15-End || Alcest

Prophecy Fest - Dusk In America 2018 - Cover