Prong: “Songs From The Black Hole” Album Review by Jason Zins!


Prong: “Songs From The Black Hole” Album Review by Jason Zins!

Prong hold a special place in my musical roots. Beg to Differ was my first Prong experience back in 1990, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. They were something totally different back then, but they still have a special place in metal as a band that crosses genres and a sound that can only be described as their own.

Cover albums are hit-or-miss endeavors for bands. Some are done for the wrong reasons, like money, instead of showing where the band’s roots and influences were seeded. Metallica have consistently pulled off cover albums with songs that are morphed into their own sound, but that still retain enough of the original to be recognizable. Prong pull this off in spades with Songs from the Black Hole. If you are a metalhead out buying an album, and this was your choice without knowing anything about it, you would think that this is a new Prong album.

Discharge‘s “Doomsday” opens up with balls-to-the-wall, in-your-face attitude. Tommy Victor‘s vocals are spot on. “Vision Thing,” a Sisters of Mercy song, might be my favorite, and the cool melodies between guitar and vocals meld together perfectly. “Goofy’s Concern,” a Butthole Surfers tune, brings a punk feel, yet you can feel that consistent Prong groove throughout. They make “Kids of the Black Hole” sound like they wrote it, and “Banned in DC,” a Bad Brains song, is another of my favorites here with its blistering speed and the violence in Victor’s vocals.  Neil Young‘s “Cortez the Killer” takes you out on a mellower note, and they cover this song with perfection. It’s brilliant!

Prong have a winner in Songs from the Black Hole, and you can feel the passion they have for these bands in each and every song. I thoroughly enjoy this with every listen, and it has already earned a permanent spot in my library.

Songs from the Black Hole is out March 31 on eOne Music/SPV. Preorder it here!

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