Pro-Pain: “Voice of Rebellion” Album Review by Jason Z!

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Where does the time go? I can’t believe that Voice of Rebellion is album 15 for Pro-Pain. It seems only yesterday we were blasting Foul Taste of Freedom. Gary Meskill, with his roots firmly in the New York City hardcore scene via the Crumbsuckers, has managed to keep this band rolling for 24 years, and they still take no mercy.

Pro-Pain is known for melding hardcore, punk and thrash, and it has never been more evident than on Voice of Rebellion. The songs are punishing, heavy and well-written. If you think Pro-Pain albums all sound the same, you are in for a surprise here. The title track bludgeons you with Meskill screaming “Die fuckers,”  confirming that he has managed to stay indefinitely pissed off, despite the length and success of his career. “No Fly Zone” continues the beating with a spoken word intro and ambulance sirens with a hardcore breakdown and gang vocals that are brutal.
“Righteous Annihilation” picks up the pace with razor-sharp riffs, chugging bass and a punishing beat. Adam Phillips‘ guitar solo on this track is killer. “Take It To The Grave” is old-school hardcore at it’s best, despite being the shortest offering here. “Age of Disgust” is groove-oriented but no less brutal. “Bella Morte” is a lesson in what Pro-Pain are about, and Jonas Sanders showcases his abilities on drums here. “Blade of The Cursed” really showcases the guitar talents of Phillips and Marshall Stephens, and it’s definitely different from anything else on Voice of Rebellion. “Crushed To Dust” and “Hellride” both offer a galloping pace and a mosh-inducing rhythm, but they saved the best for last. “Fuck This Life” brings this album full circle in trademark Pro-Pain style.

Pro-Pain have showcased some of their best material on Voice of Rebellion. They play their brand of metal one way, and they do it well. Not only will this album please the legions of the Pro-Pain army, it will bring them new fans with excellent songwriting, performance and production.

Voice of Rebellion is out June 22 on SPV/Steamhammer Records. Pre-order it here!

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Pro-Pain - Voice of Rebellion

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