Primal Fear: “Best Of Fear” Album Review

There is treasure for a pirate, like gold and rum, and then there is treasure for a metalhead – the discovery of a band you now love. For some odd reason I had never heard of Primal Fear until I had the opportunity to review their new release, Best of Fear. Sometimes it is just as well to review a band that has been around for a while with “virgin” ears, and I have struck gold with this one.

Hailing from Germany, which appears to be quite the hotbed for some kickass metal, the band formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers (vocals) and Mat Sinner (bass, vocals). The current lineup also includes Tom Naumann(guitarist), Alex Beyrodt (guitar), Magnus Karlsson (guitar, keyboards), and Francesco Jovino (drums).

Best of Fear is a two-disc collection of 27 songs including several new ones. It is not disappointing in the least. This is guitar-infused metal at its penultimate. Disc one has heavier bites whereas disc two is more melodic, although no less potent. I was utterly smitten by Scheepers’ full range of vocals and the sonic beauty.

Disc one plays in the car while speeding down the road. While eating up the gas mileage, I thoroughly rocked out to this bestial, epic power metal treat. The power chords, the fretwork, the hell on heels drumming, and the bad-ass pipes makes this the epitome of “turn this up loud.” “If Looks Could Kill” is a kick-ass cover of the original done by Heart. Two other new songs, “Predator” and “Thrill of Speed,” are pure accelerators. Also worth mentioning are classics “In Metal We Trust,” “The End is Near,” and “Bad Guys Wear Black.” This is party rock to move your beloved neighbors.

Disc two takes a shift but is no less immense. It is melodic and stunningly crisp to the ears. “Every Time It Rains,” which features Simone Simons of Epica, is divine and alluring. “We Walk Without Fear” and “Where Angels Die” are soothing and powerful, something you would get if you mix Hammerfall with Leaves Eyes.

I am thoroughly enamored with Primal Fear‘s Best of Fear and duly impressed by the musicianship of the group. If that isn’t enough, it also adds to my growing collection of fine German metal.

Best of Fear is out now on Frontiers Music s.r.l. Buy it here!

Primal Fear - Promo - 2017

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