Premiere: Stream Fallen Legion’s “Downfall” EP In Its Entirety


Premiere: Stream Fallen Legion’s “Downfall” EP In Its Entirety

If you haven’t heard of Fallen Legion, this is about to change. The band’s Downfall EP will drop tomorrow, and it is an impressive, shape-shifting collection of six tracks featuring one of the most dynamic vocal performances in metal this year. As a bonus, Cradle of Filth’s Lindsay Schoolcraft joins the fray on the album-closing “New Skin.”

According to Fallen Legion, the EP is “the journey of a downfall. Going from stable to unbound and the choices that come with the calamity. The single embraces the human struggle and highlights the importance of hope. The album is about dealing with stress- mortal blows, drugs, thoughts of suicide, the inner struggle, and the wrath of it all. The album represents the outcome of painful experiences. Songs like ‘Escapegoat’ deal with not being able to handle the consequences of one’s actions and pushing them onto those weaker than yourself, and ‘Monster Reborn’ … about letting the guilt build up inside, trapping one within their own mental anguish.”

We are proud to premiere a full stream of Fallen Legion‘s Downfall EP prior to its May 18 release. Crank it up, and if you like what you hear, buy your copy here!