Post Pulse Wants You For Gang Vocals


Post Pulse Wants You For Gang Vocals

It’s been 10 to 20 degrees below freezing for months in downtown Helsinki but the metal is burning hot in Finland!  Post Pulse is looking for a few good voices to join in on some gang vocals for the next recording.

Just off the back of the recent tourPost Pulse is already focused on the future.  There are a few European gigs still left in the queue and still some unannounced events in the works. reported about the tour and about new material in the works in a post-tour interview last month.

There will be some new material available pretty soon!…

…We have been drowning in new material and we’re still really inspired to do more. As a smaller band it can be difficult to get some recordings done when you write as much material as we do, but we’re doing our best to get some new stuff to blast out to the world!”

-Sam Roon

The call for gang vocals is the first hint that something is coming soon from the Post Pulse camp!  Check out how you can join in on the band’s website:

Post Pulse, “When The Snakes Are Dead”

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