Post Pulse, “When The Snakes Are Dead” Music Video Exclusive Premiere


Post Pulse, “When The Snakes Are Dead” Music Video Exclusive Premiere

My band has been releasing videos and tracks every week for more than a month now and maybe it’s time I give SkullsNBones an exclusive look at the result of some of the hard work me and a bunch of Finnish metalheads have put into the new record.  Post PulseHalls of the Damned was released this past Friday and you can download it FOR FREE right now over on our bandcamp page:

The track “When The Snakes Are Dead” is very aggressive and a song that we love to play live.  It starts with a smash to the face and is pretty relentless in continuing that effort as the song goes on.

The video was filmed from our time in the studio.  It was a good time all around and I think that kind of comes across in the silliness you’ll see here.  We hope you’ll enjoy this song, this video and the whole record as much as we enjoyed creating all of it.

Post Pulse, “When The Snakes Are Dead”

We recorded one bonus track that is not available as part of the album package.  The song, a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s, “The Sound of Silence,” can only be heard by signing up for the Post Pulse mailing list where you will receive a free download of the track.  There will be many more exclusives for mailing list members in the future:

That’s pretty much it for now guys!  Enjoy, and we’ll see you on the road!

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