Post Pulse, “Let It Burn” Music Video Shows What Life Is Like In Finnish Winter!

The third video in my band’s arsenal of visual entertainment is for a track called “Let It Burn.”  The song was written when my guitarist Antti Karhu decided one day that he wanted to write a song that got “straight to the point.”

Post Pulse is generally pretty relentless, and Halls of the Damned is a full-force record as you’ll see when we release the whole thing.  When we would play the song in the studio, we always had this little jam session before jumping into that song.  The jam grew on us, and we decided that when we play live we would have this guitar intro that would lead us into the violent track.  Well, that guitar intro turned out to be something we all fell in love with, and so the song and video start there!

The visual content of the video is basically a bunch of footage from our time at the studio in Kerava, Finland, travelling back and forth from there, and just hanging out during Finnish winter.  When I watch the video I feel like you can truly get the vibe of what those nights were like for us when we came up with the music you hear on the new record.

All that said, please enjoy the new music video, “Let It Burn” from my band Post Pulse.  Stay tuned for more stuff that we are really proud of coming out soon!

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