Post Pulse: “Halls of the Damned” Album Review


Post Pulse: “Halls of the Damned” Album Review

Artillery blasts are a worthy introduction to Finland’s Post Pulse and their ferocious debut, Halls of the Damned. The impenetrable sound kicks-starts the album and crushes bone through the end of “The Gates,” and this is only the beginning.

Over these course of 10 tracks, the band’s aggressive, interlocking drum and bass grooves drive the momentum, while nuanced, occasionally subtle, guitar dynamics lead to sonic twists and turns that are intensely satisfying. “When I Dream” creates an intoxicating experience with its time signature, “Frozen Heart” employs staccato to brilliant effect, and “Let It Burn” delivers a barrage of sound stoked by black metal thrumming.

The secret of this album, however, is found just beneath the surface. There are captivating details that are discreet but endearing, imbuing tracks like “No More” with rusty hooks that, once they break the skin, are impossible to extract. At times these melodies break the surface, at others they are found in the depths, but they are always there, growing more obvious with each listen.

Post Pulse have emerged quickly, and Halls of the Damned establishes them as an international powerhouse. This album is filled with plenty of intriguing metal, the kind that begs to be played over and over again.

Halls of the Damned is out May 26 and will be available via the Post Pulse website.

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