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Playhouse: “The Rock N’ Roll Circus” EP Review


Playhouse: “The Rock N’ Roll Circus” EP Review

Hey, Steel Panther! Do yourselves and your fans the biggest favor in the world on your next tour in Canada. Get Playhouse as your opening band! If there was ever a more perfect rock show line-up, it’s Steel Panther and Playhouse!

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Playhouse before Brother Jamie Lee sent me their EP, The Rock N’ Roll Circus, to check out for the SkullsnBones/Steel Panther search for the best unsigned metal bands in the world. It surprised the fuck out of me because Playhouse began playing out in 1987. 1987! That’s right, they began before the guys in Steel Panther were even born. Hmmm … I now wonder if Steel Panther could be the illegitimate love children of the guys in Playhouse, because they definitely share the same rock DNA.

Playhouse disbanded for almost a decade before reforming and releasing The Rock N’ Roll Circus, and thank God they did. The world needs bands like this. They don’t write “songs.” They write goddamned, motherfucking, crank ’em to 11 anthems! If this had come out in the mid-’90s every song on this record would have been a huge radio and MTV hit. Ain’t no doubts abouts it. The Playhouse secret? Write songs that kick ass and are fun as fucking get out. These are tunes meant to be blasted out the rolled down windows of a ’77 Chevy Camaro with your arm around a tube-top wearing 17-year-old hottie giving you a squeezer as you downshift and tip doughnuts in a high school football field.

Vocalist Peter Cat is a Canadian national treasure, or at least his voice is. This guy was meant to sing songs like this, and he belts out each one from deep in his heart and deeper from his balls. Backed by the other four guys, this band is literally the perfect storm of hard rock/metal ooey-gooey goodness.

So, I am putting this out there here and now: Playhouse are my number one pick for this little rock rodeo we got going with Steel Panther. Keep the devil horns high and keep it safe in the pit!

The Rock N’ Roll Circus is out now. Buy it here!

Playhouse - Rock and Roll Circus - Promo

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