Play Every Motörhead Song At Once, And Your Head May Explode!

It’s still pretty sad to think that we are living in a world without Lemmy Kilmister, but as we all know, he passed away on December 28th at the age of 70. Since his death we’ve posted several tributes from icons in our scene, including personal stories from Ozzy, Metallica and Corey Taylor. Over the weekend we posted awesome footage of Philip Anselmo performing “Ace Of Spades” with Robert Trujillo, Dave Lombardo and Dave Grohl, and we have a very unique tribute for you today by Soundcloud user Motörphonics! Here’s how he describes the chaos: “It’s peak Motorhead. It’s 265 tracks played at the same time. It’s every track from the 22 studio albums, plus the On Parole collection, and the Beer Drinkers and St. Valentine’s Day Massacre EPs. It’s pointless, and kinda hypnotic.

Hynoptic or the heaviest thing you’ve heard? You be the judge. Listen below, but you’ve been warned, it’s VERY LOUD! RIP LEMMY!


via Metal Hammer


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