Pig Destroyer: “The Octagonal Stairway” EP Review


Pig Destroyer: “The Octagonal Stairway” EP Review

The forthcoming EP by the grindcore legends Pig Destroyer, The Octagonal Stairway, is a killer mix of their iconic, intense grind delivered during the first half and industrial noise tracks filling the second. With song lengths ranging from 45 seconds to 11 minutes, there is a lot of variety in this release, including an appearance from Iggor Cavalera.

The first three tracks on The Octagonal Stairway are some fast-paced, hard-hitting, hectic-as-all-hell grinders, and there’s nothing more I could’ve hoped for. The title track gets things started at a 10 on the speed and intensity scale, and that energy keeps on going through the first half of the EP. “The Cavalry” is just as killer as the first track, and it has a hilarious music video to go with it. The third track , “The Cameraman,” is a bit slower and more riffy than the ones before it, but it works very well.

The second half of the EP settles in with a short and extremely industrial interlude leading into “Head Cage” with it’s slow, industrial drum beat carried through a bunch of ambient noises and distorted sounds of people talking. It is followed by the 11-minute-long closer, “Sound walker,” which maintains a slower tempo and more atmospheric vibe than the rest of the EP. The track slowly builds growing louder and more intense as it progresses, but it keeps a creepy, industrial feel throughout. 

The Octagonal Stairway sounds like a split EP, but it’s all Pig Destroyer. They pull this off really well, and although I’d probably revisit the first half more often, this EP is definitely one worth coming back to in full.

The Octagonal Stairway is out August 28 on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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