PHILIP ANSELMO and WARBEAST will be releasing their new EP entitled, “War of the Gargantuas,” on January 8th. This split features two songs from each artists, and the first release of any solo work by Philip Anselmo ever. He previously said that his solo material is “the most deadly motherf—ing thing I have done.” So imagine my excitement yesterday when this EP showed up in my inbox! After a few listens to this split, both of these artists have something special in store for us! Warbeast sounds tighter than ever and Phil‘s material creates a new level of heaviness. Trust me when I say this, this four song EP is the perfect way to start off 2013!

Pre-order your copy now and get ready!

 The first track on the EP is “Conflict” and it’s the first solo material we’ve ever heard from the mind of Philip Anselmo. It opens with a deafening scream, a blistering riff, and an energy unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. Once the chorus riff comes in, you better hold on! The power of this riff breaks your neck, your speakers, and everything around you. Phil‘s vocals are raw and honest, and it’s different from anything we’ve heard from him before. It’s just an onslaught of pure, unrelenting metal that only Phil can accomplish with this perfection. It’s the best way to start the EP!

The next song is “Birth Of A Psycho” and right away you realize it’s a whole new level for Warbeast! Their style of thrash has evolved over the years and this is the amazing result. The riffs are more precise, the rhythm section is much more intense, and Bruce Corbitt‘s vocals are more powerful than ever. This song keeps you banging your neck from start to finish and doesn’t quit until the song ends. From the thrashy riffs to the pounding breakdowns, this proves that Warbeast will be a force in the scene for a while.

Family, “Friends”, and Associates” is next and Phil unleashes all hell on this track. The music is powerful enough, but Phil‘s vocals take it to another world of heavy. From high to low, he dominates this track with a skill that only he possesses. As for the music behind him, it’s just nasty. It has hints of the sludge from DOWN we love, the rawness of Superjoint Ritual, and the power of Pantera at different points. Phil definitely brings all of his knowledge from his years into his solo material and it truly shows with this track!

The last track on the EP is given to Warbeast and entitled “IT.” The speed on this song is beyond blistering, but the sound is clean as hell. You hear every note, and with the intensity of the riffs that’s a hard thing to do, especially with thrash music. By the way, the solo on this song is just killer! Throw all this in with another stellar vocal performance from Bruce and you get a mind blowing track from the boys. This song is a strong reminder that true thrash still lives within the metal world!

With the release of “War of the Gargantuas” in January, both Philip Anselmo and Warbeast will be making a huge statement on the scene. Of course everyone is excited to hear Phil‘s solo stuff, and it does not disappoint at all, but Warbeast brings an amazing thrash assault on this EP as well! The Housecore Records family should be very happy about this release, because it will do nothing but give more credit to the label and it’s future! If this is any indication of the new Warbeast material and what we can expect from Phil‘s full solo release, we are in for something special next year!