OK, there’s no way to avoid the 800 pound Lemmy in the room before I start this review. Phil Campbell played guitar in the greatest band in the history of the known and unknown universe: Motorhead. With the loss of Mr. Lemmy Kilmister, we shall never hear the words, “We are Motorhead. And, we play rock ‘n roll” ever again. Subject done.

So, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons have a new five-song EP out, and it comes with a bit of, “bang your head, tap your foot, and think about using it to get laid on a Saturday night by playing it loud and looking cool.” Yes, it really does. The EP features Campbell, his sons Todd and Dane, Tyla Campbell and Neil Starr kicking arse by writing and singing songs that are meant to have copious amounts of beer and whiskey involved while being played. Once upon a time rock bands created music like this. They were bands like Thin Lizzy, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult and UFO,  and … life was good.

Phil Campbell and The Bastards Sons have a new, self-titled EP. You should listen to it, buy it, go see them if you have the chance. And, call your grandma to tell her you love her because that’s what a good SkullsnBoner does!

Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons is out now on Motörhead Music. Buy it here!

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