Phil Anselmo Honored As Musical Artist of the Year At The 2015 President’s Arts Awards!


Phil Anselmo Honored As Musical Artist of the Year At The 2015 President’s Arts Awards!

In every metal head’s eyes, Philip H. Anselmo is a living legend. From his years ruling the planet with Pantera, to his numerous successful side projects, he has always surrounded himself with music, and it’s always insanely awesome. Whenever he steps on the stage, there is an admiration from fans that is unlike many others in the scene, and now Phil’s receiving some love from the outside world! According to, he will be honored with the “Musical Artist of the Year” award at the 2015 President’s Arts Awards! He has been given this honor due to his strong focus on words in lyrics throughout his career!

Phil said this on his lyrical approach, “Normally, like most bands, the music comes first, then the lyrics. But I’m always jotting down one-liners, or merely words that I may incorporate later. A lyric can inspire a riff, or a piece of music, so to collect as much phonetic info as possible is important. There is rhythm in everyday conversation, and I’m a believer in the fact that all rhythms in music haven’t been investigated. That’s what makes creating innovative music a blast.

Here’s what he said on the “Musical Artist of the Year” honor: “To be recognized within the community I’m a part of is perhaps one of the greatest accolades ever. I want to thank all who recognized me and Housecore Records as this year’s best constituent. And I hope our local music scene grows more and more, and I hope I can help facilitate a place for the cream of the crop to thrive.

Read the entire article with more from Phil at, but let’s congratulate the “kid” on receiving this honor! It’s not very often the metal world gets respect for our lyrics or words, but there’s no denying the power of Phil’s voice throughout the years. Congrats Phil!