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Pestis Inferos: “Beyond the Veil of Light” EP Review


Pestis Inferos: “Beyond the Veil of Light” EP Review

The beauty that lies within today’s black metal is that it no longer has to come from the Scandinavian region to be considered and, pardon the oft used term, “kvlt.” Perhaps it is because of the ease of the digital age or it could be due to the fact that black metal is more common and doesn’t have the underground serrations of the ’90s. At any rate, I am beyond content to see the growth of this genre.

Over the last five years I have exponentially added to my black metal library whereby it now stands on it’s own. Another addition from New York is Pestis Inferos, a trio that originally got together to just jam with a heavy penchant for the Darkthrone sound. Founded by drummer Pale Horse (Disfigured Dead/NilExistence), he was soon joined by bassist/ vocalist Llord Diabolus (ex Violent Fury/Infernal Thorn, Maantrix) and guitarist Svartherre (Disfigured Dead/NilExistence). Together, they weave their own style of insidious black metal. Their debut EP, Beyond the Veil of Light, leaves listeners pleasantly battered and exhausted.

With an intro of bells rolling and creepy children chanting, the song “From Throne to Funeral” suddenly spills Pestis Inferos‘ bilious hatred. Great destructive riffs, vomiting powerful vocals and audible instrumentation flows through these songs. I hear a little something else underlying the blackness in “Invoking the Sigil” that is leaner, more lethal, and with a laser-like focus. Although I can’t exactly pinpoint it, there’s something blended from another metal genre in this one. “Poison Falling Star” has very dark Black Sabbath hints and would be a perfect backdrop to a film such as Begotten.

Pestis Inferos’ Beyond the Veil of Light weaves insidious vocals, spindly chords and production that is as thick poisonous smog for an ultra pleasurable album.

Beyond the Veil of Light is out now. Buy it here!

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