Perversor: “Umbravorous” Album Review

Hailing from South America – Chile, to be exact – Perversor have been delivering their classic blackened thrash since 2007.

Perversor defined their sounds in the old school days of metal, when black, death and thrash were first setting figurative fires within speakers and on stage. They mix savage intensity, primordial strength and poisonous darkness. Bestial violence and deadly demon-evoking vocals allow Umbravorous to serrate listeners insides with matching riffs alternating with slightly more melodic riffs over the classic, furious blast beats.

They have all the great trademarks of blackened thrash; the tremolo laden smorgasbord of riffs, the high-pitched raspy vocals, the Teutonic/Brazilian thrash-influenced, faster-than-standard black metal song tempos, the lyrics giving a bloody middle finger to all that is holy and good. However, the production seems a bit lacking with a the hint of muddiness in the instruments and challenging-to-decipher lyrics making it easy to lose attention. Aside from that, Perversor excel within the tracks paved by primeval blackened thrash and the archaic form of raw death espoused by many a South American band during the scene’s late ’80s dawning.

Umbravorous is out March 15 on Pulverised Records. Buy it here!

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